Is Steven Gerrard getting closer to the managerial position in Liverpool?

If rumors are to be believed, Steven Gerrard is on the verge of taking up a coaching role in his former club Liverpool FC.

After having left the Premier League club on 2015, Steven Gerrard went on to join the MLS side LA Galaxy and after spending 1 year with the American club, Gerrard eventually decided to hang up his boots and retire.

The playing career of Steven Gerrard spans for over 30 years and he is arguably one of the greatest players ever to wear the Liverpool jersey, it’s hard to come up with another performer that has made an impact for the Premier League club as the 36 year old retiree.

Despite having made over 500 appearances for Liverpool and lifting some of the biggest titles in the world, there is 1 piece of silverware in particular that he just could not secure and it was the Premier League trophy but even though he has retired, it does not mean that Gerrard is unable to add it to his collection, he can still win it as a coach.

Every fan of Liverpool want to see Gerrard making a return and what better way for him to do it than by being a coach? The English midfielder has always been one of most clever players in the pitch as he has had to guide his team countless times to victory either with his pin-point passes or explosive shots and hopefully this can be translated over to the coaching role. Continue reading “Is Steven Gerrard getting closer to the managerial position in Liverpool?”

Is this the end of Steven Gerrard’s playing career?

Steven Gerrard has reached the end of his contract with the MLS side LA Galaxy as it expired at the end of the season and since the 2016 season of the MLS is over, questions are beginning to rise in relation to the future of the 36 year old English midfielder.

Now that his time with LA Galaxy is over, what will Steven Gerrard do now?

The head coach of LA Galaxy, Bruce Arena has recently talked about Steven Gerrard’s current situation and even though Gerrard is at a very elevated age with 36 years, Bruce Arena stated that he would like to see the veteran player continue performing with LA Galaxy, this will ultimately depend on Gerrard as there are rumors going on linking Gerrard with a possible return to Anfield but as a coach instead of an actual player.

“We were honoured to have Stevie here as well as Robbie and are hopeful they continue to be part of our club,” Bruce Arena said as he voiced his desire for Gerrard to remain with LA Galaxy.

There have been other rumors that have been linking the veteran midfielder with other clubs including: Celtic and even Ac.Milan but realistically speaking, it’s more likely to see him off of the pitch and take on a much more tactical approach in his next job as a coach instead of an actual player.

The playing career of Steven Gerrard spans for over 15 years and even though the English player has lifted various European titles such as: UEFA Champions League, UEFA Super Cup and UEFA Cup, just to name a few of his pieces of silverware, something that he never managed to secure was the Premier League trophy and he might be able to finally lift it if he does indeed get the chance to return to Liverpool and coach the team or at least help out in some other way.


Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard says he has not received any coaching job from the club.

The former Anfield captain has been rumoured to have received a role at the club when he retires, but Gerard denies such claims. Gerrard added that he had a cordial relationship with current Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp.

“Jurgen Klopp’s his own man. He’s got his own team of people around him that he’s very happy and content with. Of course, I’ve got a huge Liverpool connection and Liverpool is in my heart and always will be, but there’s nothing to really comment on,” the LA Galaxy star said.

Gerrard left England and moved to the Major League Soccer in 2014. He contributes to the team, and they sit in second place in the Western Conference standings – four points behind FC Dallas. The 36-year old is really keen on winning the MLS Cup before he retires, particularly as he failed to win the Premier League with Liverpool during his stay in England.

Steven Gerrard hinted out the possibility of starting a coaching career

Steven Gerrard is one of the most iconic players that has performed in the Premier League and that has represented England at the international stage.

The impact that Gerrard has made in English football is colossal as he has helped Liverpool in winning just about every club trophy that there is to win except for the Premier League silverware, which he never managed to secure.

At the age of 36, Gerrard is reaching a point in time when it’s time to start considering what to do after retiring and even though he still is a regular player for the MLS club LA Galaxy, the English midfielder has himself admitted that he will not be lasting for a much more longer time performing in matches at a consistent basis.

When Steven Gerrard was asked about his long term plans and what if he has any plans on what to do after hanging up his boots, the veteran midfielder said:

“He did contact me and ask me for certain opinions. I’ve been in touch with Dan Ashworth for many, many years about my coaching qualifications. It all depends on what opportunities come along in the next four to six months. It could go one way or the other. I’ve got a few things in the pipeline but no solid concrete offers as of yet.” Continue reading “Steven Gerrard hinted out the possibility of starting a coaching career”


Former English Premier League players Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard met for the first time since joining the Major League Soccer (MLS).

Frank’s New York City played host to Gerrard’s Los Angeles Galaxy on Saturday. The player had a difficult start since their move but they have settled it fine. Lampard, who is 38 years old, entered the game with fine form, having scored nine goals in 10 games with an impressive hat trick on Yakee Stadium when it mattered.

Ahead of the game, Lampard said: “It’s a big game with more media attention and a huge crowd. We want to win in those circumstances. I’ve played against him may times and I’ve got real respect for the way he plays.”

Former Liverpool skipper Gerrard, 36, leads with 11 assists in the LA Galaxy squad. Liverpool defeated Chelsea twice in the Champions League semi finals, but Gerrard’s infamous slip gifted Chelsea the title in 2014. Both English players remain the top two highest goal scoring midfielders in the history of the Premier League, with both stars known for the power in their shots.


LA Galaxy managed to put one past Seattle Sounders and reaching the quarter-finals of the U.S. Open cup following a 4-2 win. The victory eased a lot of pressure off manager Bruce Arena.

LA Galaxy have been disappointing in the 2016 MLS season and it is only in recent weeks that they have started performing at their very best on a consistent basis. For almost 2 months from May to June, the club enjoyed just one victory in all competitions and even that victory was achieved in a short time in the US Open cup. This disappointing form was threatening to destroy their season. Continue reading “LA THROUGH TO QUARTERS”

Gerrard left out of MLS squad

Steven Gerrard has been left out of the MLS All-Star squad to face Premier League side Arsenal. He is not the only star player to miss out though as it is reported that Frank Lampard, as well as former Arsenal player Ashley Cole, will also not feature in the team.

However, Didier Drogba, as well as Kaka, David Villa and Giovani Dos Santos, will all form part of the team that will be facing Arsene Wenger’s side on the 28th July. The match is annual event whereby an MLS All-Star team faces a Premier League side and this year it will be Arsenal. Continue reading “Gerrard left out of MLS squad”

Steven Gerrard says Leicester City form will be tested against Swansea

Steven Gerrard says Leicester City’s mettle and character will be there to be tested when they play Swansea this weekend in deprivation of the services of their top scorer Jamie Vardy.

The 29-year old forward had fallen prey to an arguably wrong referee decision in Leicester’s previous game as he had to march off.

The day was however saved by Leicester thanks to another arguably wrong referee decision later on earning them a penalty and ultimately, an equalizer too.

But, due to it eventually yielding only one point for being a draw and then, the title rivals spurs subsequently winning their game the following day, it resulted in Leicester losing 2 points in terms of the lead that they had at the top. Continue reading “Steven Gerrard says Leicester City form will be tested against Swansea”

Koeman hails his team after stunning comeback against Liverpool

Southampton continue their march to the top 5 spots of the Premier League after having claimed a superb 3-2 victory over Liverpool FC in a match that saw the home team falling behind in the scoreboard 0-2 but in the 2nd half they managed to not only equalize the match but also get ahead and win the game.

In the first half of the match, Liverpool scored twice through the likes of Philippe Coutinho and Daniel Sturridge but despite falling so behind in the scoreboard, this did not seem to hurt the morale of Ronald Koeman’s team as they came back in the 2nd half won the game with goals from Graziano Pelle and Sadio Mane.

When the match reached it’s end, Ronald Koeman voiced his satisfaction in the performance that his squad made as the Dutch coach said: “We were lucky in half time to only be two-nil down. We spoke about that. We needed to show the belief and the spirit in coming back into the game and to make it one-two, because then it’s a really open game. That happened. Great spirit. A great second half. The substitutes, Sadio and Victor Wanyama, had a big impact in the game in the second half.’’

“It was well deserved, a great game and it was great support from the fans. This is what football is about. I’m proud of the team and the fans. It’s easy to tell everybody because you get three points, but even with the two-two or the one-two, how we came back in the game was amazing.” Continue reading “Koeman hails his team after stunning comeback against Liverpool”

Hammers supporters had shown a great piece of sportsmanship in spite of suffering an absolute heartbreak

Whenever there are talks about the Cup matches between Liverpool and West Ham, that famous match of 2006 comes to mind where the Hammers supporters had shown a great piece of sportsmanship in spite of suffering an absolute heartbreak.

It was the final in which the Reds were taking on West Ham and they were on the verge of loss with the score-sheet reading 2-3 against them, but, the luck turned around all of a sudden as the captain Steven Gerrard found the leveller.

The score remained the same in the extra time and then, Liverpool came out superior in the shootouts.

It’s not easy for the supporters to have control over their emotions when the team loses from such situations and that too in big matches, in finals, but, each and every West Ham supporter present in the stadium that day was up on his feet to clap for Liverpool players.

And, apart from the supporters, the West Ham players and support staff too, the way they conducted themselves, it was admirable stuff.

Gerrard, who was the hero in that game for the winners, has especially mentioned that match in the recent book that he has written on his career.

According to Gerrard, it was so unfortunate from West Ham’s point of view that they couldn’t win the match and it would surely have been hurting them badly, but, to see that sort of graciousness in their conduct despite what had just unfolded, it was something that’s hard to forget for him. Continue reading “Hammers supporters had shown a great piece of sportsmanship in spite of suffering an absolute heartbreak”