Ronnie Wheelan Urges Reds Owners to Spend Money over Big Players

Ronnie Wheelan has urged the Reds owners to give Jurgen Klopp enough money to go and buy a player of a big stature.

Writing for a website, Wheelan pointed out that Liverpool has been reluctant to go for big names in the recent years. Their focus has been on signing emerging players who are likely to become finished products in two or years and while that’s not a bad policy at all, it’s high time now that they rope in a tried and tested player who can come and deliver the goods straightaway.

Wheelan reckons that when a big player is signed and he joins in, he becomes a source of inspiration for the other players in the squad. Everyone follows him and wants to play the way he plays and in the process, the team’s performance improves. He sort of sets an example for everyone.

As per Wheelan, in every team, there needs to be a personality who everyone can look up to and currently he can’t see that kind of a personality at Liverpool. A few years back, they had one in the form of Luis Suarez and the Uruguayan absolutely owned the Premiership and took Liverpool very close to the title too, but, since his departure, there’s been nobody of that kind who can take his place and lead from the front.

Citing the example of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Wheelan writes that the Sweden international, before he severely damaged his knees, was doing exactly the same thing for the Red Devils. He was consistently maintaining a very high level on the pitch and was showing to his teammates how things are done. Liverpool is in need of someone like him who can be a role model for the entire team.