Figo regrets not playing with Gerrard

Former Real Madrid and Portugal winger Luis Figo regrets for not being able to play with Steven Gerrard in his career.

He said that the Spanish team was interested in the Liverpool midfielder in 2004, but unfortunately the England player did not accept the proposal.

Steven Gerrard has stayed with Liverpool for most of his careers and has rejected bids from big European clubs.

Luis Figo said that Gerrard was one of the best midfielders of his generation and he felt that he would have been a major success with Real Madrid. He said that it was a shame for him to have not been able to play with a player of his quality as he felt that the former England international would have been a great asset for the Spanish team.

He said that it was a pity for not having able to play with him but at the same time he was a great asset for the Anfield side. He said that it was his dream to play with the best players in the world and unfortunately he could not do it with Gerrard.

However, Luis Figo said that he understands Steven Gerrard and that he values the loyalty that he has shown to his club. The former Portuguese international stated that this is a rare thing in modern football and that Gerrard has given the best years of his life to Liverpool.

Steven Gerrard said that it was an honor for a player of Luis Figo’s quality to make this statement and that it would have been the same thing for him to play with such a talented player. He said that it was a big decision for him to remain at Liverpool and he felt that he has done the right thing.