Former English Premier League players Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard met for the first time since joining the Major League Soccer (MLS).

Frank’s New York City played host to Gerrard’s Los Angeles Galaxy on Saturday. The player had a difficult start since their move but they have settled it fine. Lampard, who is 38 years old, entered the game with fine form, having scored nine goals in 10 games with an impressive hat trick on Yakee Stadium when it mattered.

Ahead of the game, Lampard said: “It’s a big game with more media attention and a huge crowd. We want to win in those circumstances. I’ve played against him may times and I’ve got real respect for the way he plays.”

Former Liverpool skipper Gerrard, 36, leads with 11 assists in the LA Galaxy squad. Liverpool defeated Chelsea twice in the Champions League semi finals, but Gerrard’s infamous slip gifted Chelsea the title in 2014. Both English players remain the top two highest goal scoring midfielders in the history of the Premier League, with both stars known for the power in their shots.

David Villa not the villain when he got hold of an opportunity to fire home the only goal that eventually separated both sides from six yards out. Former Chelsea player – and Gerrard’s former teammate, Ashley Cole partnered with Gerrard in the LA Galaxy corner. Andrea Pirlo was also in action.
The victory ensured New York City went four points ahead of Toronto in the Eastern Conference, while Gerrard’s Galaxy side remained in the third spot in the standings of the Western Conference. New York City have 41 points from 26 games so far, Toronto FC have 37 points after 14 games. The New York Red Bulls remain in third with 36 games.