Ibrahimovic Becomes Co-Owner of Hammarby, the Swedish Side

Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s statue had been vandalized and set ablaze outside Malmo, this boyhood stadium. This was the fans of the international Sweden player purchasing a stake in his rival club. Ibrahimovic wants to make Hammarby, the best team in Scandinavia. This was following his acquisition of 25% of the club as he moved into soccer ownership for the first time. He has stated there is no limit to how great this club can be.

However, his decision to be a part of Hammarby hasn’t gone down well in Malmo. This is where he had started with his flourishing career. He became a co-owner only a month after a golden statue of him had been unveiled at the stadium of his former club.

On the arms of the statue of Ibrahimovic, a toilet seat had been placed and plastic bags had been put over his face. The name beneath the statue had been covered up. This caused the police to provide protection to the statue in the evening. The videos on social media showed the supporters setting fire at the foot of the statue during the evening. According to the report, a racist message had been sprayed just next to it.

The fans of Malmo are angry. However, he said that he only wants to make another club perform better than his childhood team and he didn’t know that the fans are going to be so disappointed. The vice-chairman of the official supporters’ group of Malmo, Kaveh Hosseinpour, said that a betrayal turned into a provocation. According to them, the player has struck a knife at their back and has come up with their heads chopped off. Kaveh Hosseinpour has reprimanded the player saying that is wrong if he thinks he is above critics and the feelings of Malmo fans.