Gerrard unveils details about Coaching

Steven Gerrard’s playing career spanned for 18 years as he performed with Liverpool and LA Galaxy before eventually deciding to retire and hang up his boots which was officially announced and confirmed to the public on November 24 of 2016.

Even after opting to retire, Gerrard is not done from the world of football as he was later selected as the coach of the Under-18 Liverpool squad and after 22 matches; the youth team is positioned at the 4th spot with 44 points.

At some point in time in the current season of 2017-18, Liverpool’s youth club was located at the top of the league which is impressive for Gerrard who never truly had any kind of coaching experience at this level.

The Liverpool star has recently outlined details concerning what this transition from player to coach it has been like as Steven Gerrard said:

‘It’s very interesting. I am enjoying the role, I am enjoying being back at the club. The environment is brilliant for me to come here and learn and try and progress as a coach. The quality of players I am working with is fantastic and I have good people around me. It has been the perfect transition from coming out of my playing career and going into a coaching career so far’’

“For the last five months I’ve felt all the highs and lows and experienced all the daily stuff that managers deal with, albeit at youth-team level. It will definitely prepare me for wherever I end up. It is not scaring me or putting me off’’

It’s not a big surprise to see Steven Gerrard in the coaching position of a Liverpool squad as this is something that the iconic figure has always stated back during his player days his desire to continue representing a big role for the English Premier League club and coaching was one of the path’s rumored that Gerrard was interested in and so far it has been a positive experience not only for the retiree but also for Liverpool as the team is performing impressively.