Stevie G is optimistic about his life in the MLS

After having spent over 15 year of his career at Anfield as a player of Liverpool, Steven Gerrard has finally finished his career with the Premier League club and now at the age of 35, Gerrard will be spending the remaining years of his playing career by performing with the American club Los Angeles Galaxy from the MLS.


Gerrard signed an 18 month long contract with LA Galaxy in a deal which is worth $9 million.


The veteran midfielder is expected to make his official debut with his new club on July 11th. He is currently on a break with a few of his teammates but his new challenges are already waiting for him as the English player has never played in a top American club before.


Steven Gerrard told reporters: “I want to keep playing every week in the final few years of my career and I’m looking forward to embarking on a new challenge with Los Angeles Galaxy in the MLS. MLS is a great challenge. It’s a good time. It’s a good chance for me to enjoy a couple of years of my life with less pressure, spend more time with my family.”

 The fan favorite player of Liverpool is well aware that his career is reaching it’s last legs and that was one of the main reasons of why he decided to finish his Liverpool stint and make a move offshores to the MLS where the pressure isn’t as high and even if Steven Gerrard is not able to perform at the same level he used to a few years ago, Los Angeles Galaxy will still probably be able to recoup the money they spent in signing Gerrard just by the amount of jerseys that will be bought of the experienced player as well as the fans that are willing to watch the matches and go to the stadium just to see Steven Gerrard on the pitch once more.