Steven Gerrard says Leicester City form will be tested against Swansea

Steven Gerrard says Leicester City’s mettle and character will be there to be tested when they play Swansea this weekend in deprivation of the services of their top scorer Jamie Vardy.

The 29-year old forward had fallen prey to an arguably wrong referee decision in Leicester’s previous game as he had to march off.

The day was however saved by Leicester thanks to another arguably wrong referee decision later on earning them a penalty and ultimately, an equalizer too.

But, due to it eventually yielding only one point for being a draw and then, the title rivals spurs subsequently winning their game the following day, it resulted in Leicester losing 2 points in terms of the lead that they had at the top.

The lead remained down to 5 points only which is still not a bad lead to take into the last fortnight of the season and if a big team had this sort of lead, people would still be firmly backing them. However, only because it’s Leicester and everybody doubts their depth, there are questions if there is enough fuel left.

And, that’s why; Gerrard believes the Swansea game is as a big a game as the Foxes would have ever played because it will show how much of tenacity is there in them.

That would be the first of the Leicester’s games in this time’s Premiership when they have a Vardy-less XI hitting the park, but, what would help them is if, rather than feeling tensed or nervous about the situation, they take it as a blessing in disguise and play with an ambition to show everyone that it’s a team which has got sufficient depth in it and it can play without any individual, whoever it might be.