Gerrard Proves His England Career Has Come To A Close

Steven Gerrard has reached the end of his road with England and this can be evidenced by the disastrous campaign the Liverpool midfielder displayed during the entire World Cup as not only him but the entire England squad failed to make themselves noticed by their opposition which lead to the team of Roy Hodgson not being able to win a single match and being eliminated during the group stages.


2 mistakes from the Liverpool player allowedUruguayon scoring and ultimately allowed their opposition on scoring in both occasions which was more than enough for them to claim a victory against theEnglandsquad.


Even before the 2014 World Cup had initiated, Gerrard had already hinted out to the media that it would probably be his last chance to represent his nation at the international scene considering that he already is 34 years old.


Following the early exit from the World Cup, the English midfielder went on expressing how he feels concerningEnglandand their recent disappointing results.


“I’ve got a mixture of emotions, frustration, and pain. Last season ended badly for me andLiverpool. I was coming out of that, trying to put that to bed, trying to get some positivity back in the World Cup. This is exactly what I didn’t want to happen. But I’ve faced adversity before, played through it and stayed strong. I have to try and grieve, get away with the family and away from international football, and then make a decision about whether to play on’’ Gerrard said when questioned about what he is going to do not only for England but for his club.

The club performances of Steven Gerrard have been significantly more impressive than his matches withEnglandbut at his elevated age, managers are concerned if he should still play for either Liverpool orEnglandinstead of allowing younger players and giving them the chance on following the footsteps of the experienced midfielder.