Steven Gerrard is stunned with the fact that his team emerged out as winner in yesterday’s away game versus QPR.

Liverpool won it by 3-2 at the end, but, two out of their three goals were actually scored by the opposition players by mistake. One own goal came right before the final whistle courtesy Steven Caulker.

Talking to the correspondent in the the early Premier League news which was telecasting the match, Gerrard said, “It’s really shocking. You don’t expect to be on the winning side after putting on this kind of show. We would obviously take the points, but, we know that it’s more because of their mistakes than we doing anything extraordinary. We obviously stayed in it and tried hard at the end there.”

“Hopefully, we will be much better than this going ahead. We will have to be. We are going to be up against the best line up in the continent, (that is), Real Madrid.”

“Football can be really funny at times. You don’t get what you deserve. Harry would certainly be very disappointed right now, but, that’s the way it is. It happens at times.”

Liverpool, the runners up of the previous season, has already had three Premiership defeats to their name this summer and the 4th one versus the Rangers would have been a disaster for the Brendan Rodger’s boys.

Two out of the three losses suffered by Liverpool have been against weaker oppositions i.e. West Ham United and Aston Villa.

With Los Blancos to travel to Anfield on 22nd, Liverpool needs a big leap in terms of form if they have to gain something from that game.

Basel has already put a bit of a brake on the journey of the Reds in Europe. Now, they would not want Madrid to steam roll past them in a couple of days’ time.