Luis Suarez’ consistent performances with Liverpool in this season have impressed Steven Gerrard who praised his teammate by saying:

“Luis is a machine. He’s right up there with the best in the world.Luis is the type of player who won’t be thinking about his free-kick after the game, he’ll be thinking about the header he missed’’.

“That’s why he’s so good. He’ll be desperate to get back out and make amends for that.That’s what the best players do, they don’t get big-headed over the good things they do but analyse the mistakes and where it went wrong and how they can improve.”

The 26 years old Uruguayan forward of Liverpool has managed to muster 8 goals and provided 1 assist in the latest 6 matches for his club which has led to the recent praise from the captain Steven Gerrard who confidently said he is one of the best strikers in the world. Indeed, Liverpool football news makes him one of the favourites to make it into the FIFA World XI this December.

Speaking before Liverpool’s match against Everton, the 33 years old midfielder said that his career would be left with a huge hole if he cannot get under his belt the Premier League trophy.


”There’d be a hole missing in my career [without a title win] but I don’t think I’d spend the rest of my life being irritated or annoyed or frustrated,” Gerrard told ESPN FC.


”Since I broke into this team at 18 years of age, I’ve tried to win the title – but it hasn’t happened.

”I’ve got a couple more chances and I’ll continue to fight for it.”
This might just be the best chance that Liverpool gets in securing the silverware as they started off the season in a strong fashion by winning 7 out of the 12 Premier League matches played so far and maintaining a 2nd spot behind the leaders Arsenal.