Brendan Rodgers Criticized For His Team Selection

Brendan Rodgers, the coach of Liverpool excluded Steven Gerrard and some other major players from his team which will compete against Real Madrid in the Champions League match to be held on Tuesday at Santiago Bernabeu stadium.

He rested the players for the match because he wants those players to be in their best form for the match against Chelsea on Saturday, 8th November at Anfield.

Paul Scholes thinks that Steven Gerrard wouldn’t be happy with the decision. Scholes thinks that it is likely that Gerrard quit playing for the national team in order to be able to play in such matches.

Sholes also said that Gerrard is fit enough to be able to perform well in Tuesday’s match against Real Madrid and again perform to the best of his ability in the match against Chelsea which is scheduled to be held four days after the Real Madrid match. According to Scholes, If Gerrard rests for two days after the Real Madrid match and trains on Friday then he would be fit for the Chelsea match on Saturday after that he could rest for the following two weeks.

Lee Dixon who used to be a defender for Arsenal, thinks that not letting so many major players play in Tuesday’ match may cause the team to lose. Dixon also said that he thinks that Arsenal considers the match with Chelsea to be more important than the Real Madrid match. Steven Gerrard took his retirement from international football after the 2014 World Cup held in Brazil.

Gary Lineker said that the team Brendan Rodgers has chosen is very likely to lose against Real Madrid. He said choosing such a weak team to compete against a tough opponent like Real Madrid in a Championship League match actually tarnishes Liverpool’s reputation.

Brendan Rodgers said that one of his reasons for not letting the big players play in the match is that he wanted other players to perform well and improve their game.